Blake the Great

Blake the Great he who is youth and creativity. The embodiment of brilliance, ingenuity, and creation, he comes to us as a boy filled with wonder and love. He is the god of our music, our art, our invention, pure life, and creativity. As he aged, the world of corruption attacked Blake’s being, continuously syphoning off his magic, while neglecting his heart. This forced him to survive by trading his creation for peace. In doing so, the boy grew into a tough, angry, and frightened God now known as Lord So Will It, the God of the Ghetto Children. Now that once bright, creative spirit has been beaten down to little more than a dim flickering flame, power transformed for survival.

Blake The Great and The Angel’s Chains

One day in the Garden, the child danced by the lake of Dreams and met a pale horse drinking from the lake. The boy asked the horse, “Who are you? Why are you in my garden?” The horse replied, “I have come a long way, I have stopped here to drink from your lake”. “This is the lake of Dreams”, the boy replied, to which the horse said, “It is the greatest water I have ever drank.” “I create from this water, I drink the dream and from them, I create all the art, the beauty, and the music.”

Then from the horse’s mouth fell huge golden chains. The horse said to the Child-God, “These are the chains of an angel, in my world they are the most precious of all things, nothing is more precious.” Then the horse said, “I will give them to you if you let me drink from your lake until I have my fill.” The Child-God agreed, and so the horse gave him the chains and the boy wrapped them around himself. But the Child-God did not know these angel’s chains were enchanted with magic. The chains became heavy and dug themselves into the ground and wrapped around large stones in the garden. The child God was trapped, he could no longer dance and he could barely move from that spot. Then the horse said, “Now I will drink from your lake and take my fill.” And so he did. The pale horse drank and drank until the lake of Dreams was dry. Then the pale horse laughed and said “I have drank your lake and I have your power. Now all creation will come from me. All beauty, all art, and all music.” Then the horse tried to sing, he only sounded the the Child-God. Then the horse tried to dance, but he could only move like the Child God. Then the horse tried to think but all his ideas where already thought of by the Child-God. The horse called his creations his, but the were only copies of the Child-God’s, none original. Nonetheless, he now had the boy’s gifts, but not his power.

Alas, the boy was stuck, chained to the ground, but at least the chains were gold. From then on, all the Child-Gods creativity was used for his survival. With no water to drink from the lake, he hollowed holes in the ground to catch the rain. He had to drink from the holes and catch the water in his mouth during the storms to live. He never stopped singing or dancing, but he would now dance in place. He still had his power. His song made the food grow around him. That’s how he lived, his sorrow songs began to feed the Child-God and the Boy grew to a man, becoming Lord So Will It, The God of the Ghetto Children. His song and dance feeds the forgotten. He is the protector of those that do the best they can do with what they got.

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