The Sisters: 
Lady Saphira of Wrath

Shante the Great Giver and Lady Saphira of Wrath are known as The Sisters. Together, they are the most powerful witch of the The Other Place. When Shante’s mercy and love is taken for granted, Lady Saphira’s wrath answers.  

The eldest of the MegaDonna children, Shante the Great Giver was the strongest of all the gods. As a powerful witch, she used her magic to help each of her siblings build their kingdoms. She was the most generous and merciful of all of the MegaDonna children. She helped others with her magic, always putting them first. Unselfish and caring, each of her siblings’ worlds took shape through much of her effort. However, when she finally began to create her own realm, none of her siblings came to her aid. Shante the Great Giver became furious at their selfshishness and their lack of love and gratitude. From her fury, she split in two and Lady Saphira of Wrath was born. Now sisters, two sides of a coin, Lady Saphira is an avenger and channel of the anger that Shante never felt. Lady Saphira of Wrath speaks fire and is there when Shante the Great Giver’s generosity is taken for granted. Those of Shante’s realm are protected by her love and magic while Lady Saphira’s wrath is feared by all of the Gods.

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