Lord So Will It

Lord So Will It is the Guardian of the Ghetto Children. As the adult incarnation of Blake The Great, he is the embodiment of ingenuity and resilence. He is inventiveness used to surive and thrive in hard times and poor circumstance.

God of the UnderSoul, God of the Ghetto Children

The patron saint of the pimps and strays

The ones we judge the ones we hate

The ones we shame

The ones we judge, the lesser-thans

And when shit goes wrong the ones we blame

The addicts is mediums

A dealer a shaman

The ratchets is healers

A thottie a goddess

A kingdom of grey sky

Concrete and steel, high rises sprout from the ground like redwoods

They call him Lord so will it

The god of those out of opinions

He is the older form of Blake the great

After all of the beauty and innocence is syphoned from his soul

When his hope has become low and the ingenuity that gives him power is used to survive and protect his realm

His subjects call him Lord So Will It because they have excepted that their world can unfair, erratic and unforgiving. So the people of this realm take the good with the bad, and make do with what they have.

Their love is tough and deep

Lord So Will It, bless the Trap

For the ones we lost and we’ll never get back

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