The MegaDonna

The Mother of All, the MegaDonna gave us the universe, the first 7 realms and all realms. We all come from her and it is to her we all return. At the beginning, it was only her. The MegaDonna slept, then one day she awoke. The light of 1000 suns blared from her eyes to light the universe. She transformed to make her children, taking a piece of herself and molding them from it. Each stage of her transformation birthed a child and its realm. Through her grace and mercy, she transforms forevermore, creating the seasons of the Other Place. Every God and world has its season in the realm, she loves her children all equally, giving them all their own season for their worlds to prosper. Her eyes are the sun, the glow, and the warmth, nurturing the Gods and their realms. She created Father Rosco as a companion and a partner to watch of the children.

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