Papa Roscoe

At the beginning of time, when the realms were first formed from the breathe of the MegaDonna, the planets did not move. They were still, there was only day never night, so no one could rest. The Father Samson decided to do something. He tied rope to each planet and began to spin them over his head. And that is how the night came to be. Samson uses his strength to spins the planets of the universe in constant orbit. He is time, he is gravity, he is the constant animator. His work is to keep the planets in orbit. His work never ends and because of this work he couldn't spend the time with his children. His name has been blasphemed by the nonbelievers. The children of his realm have been dubbed the lazy and the shiftless. But the elders know the true nature of Samson, he who is the God of Work and of Diligence, the time keeper, the day maker, the night bringer.

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