The Garden of  Low Hanging Heavens

Darker Gods in The Garden of Low Hanging Heavens will mark the first exhibition by post-disciplinary artist Damon Davis. Davis uses sound, photography, film, illustration and the written word to construct new mythologies around the troupes and cultural ideas of Blackness. Davis explores the function of narrative and its effects on identity and belief systems in communities of color by creating modern myths and fables. Darker Gods is the story of 13 deities that rule over a parallel universe. The garden is a gateway where our world and their world meet. At this intersection are fantasies of Blackness reminiscent of Yoruba and Greek mythology. The exhibition catalog will include written folklore, explaining the origins of the gods; fantastical imagery gracing the walls of the gallery; and a familiar, yet other-worldly soundtrack to the world of the Garden will sound through the exhibit. These elements combine to create a mythical and wondrous environment, transporting viewers to a world where the Gods are deities of color that call attention to western fears and infatuations of Blackness, while reclaiming identity through the supernatural.

- James McAnally, The Luminary Arts

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