O | Ti | O | Tan : The Garden and The Guardian

In a time before, when we were the seeds

When we still remembered our way back

Back to the garden, it was good

On a holy mountain sits a garden

the garden of the low-hanging heavens

Where the trees touch the clouds

Where we can touch 'the other place'

There in those clouds stands a gate to the The Other Place, where the Darker Gods stay

The garden, a grove of aspen, many trees, One root

There sits two trees taller than the rest

Those trees are the wings of O TI O Tan, The Trembling Giant, She Who Spreads,

The God, The Guardian, The Garden itself

Beneath the soil she sleeps

Tar, soot, soul

Heat pressure coal

Diamonds in her eye sockets

Teeth made of gold

She is the earth,

That makes us whole

The aspen trees that line the field

Are her spine

All one root, All one will

We those trees were cut and carried away from home

Replanted in foreign land

And we forgot the garden gone so long

In the garden

Two twin trees shade all the rest

Talk and vent like sails

Those two trees are her wings/

From those trees we all come

One bears man

One bears woman

And were the branches of the two touch

The fruit of two spirits come

When she stands those wings spread

And she carries us to the other place

Through those clouds, where the Darker gods stay

The sky is the gate

The garden is the guardian to the gate

That leads to the other place

Where the Darker gods stay


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