Ti Omi the Twin Spirit

Ti Omi the Twin Spirit, The One of Water. God of Identity, of Movement, of Self. Ti Omi embodies both gender energies in one. In the beginning, the Gods made the Outside where we live. The gateway was open, and they knew humans and themselves were too unpredictable to keep the gate open. And so, they made O Ti O Tan, the Guardian and the Garden.

Ti Omi gave O Ti O Tan her wings, the tallest trees in the Garden of the Low Hanging Heavens. Woman is the fruit of one tree, man is the fruit of the other. The fruit of the twin spirits are formed when the branches of both trees touch. All of us come from these trees. Long ago, our ancestors found their way out of the ground and down the Holy Mountain. We multiplied, living at the foot of the mountain and forgetting our way back to the Garden until Sunkissed Icarus flew back to that mountaintop garden where we all began.

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