Along with with music, writing, and photography, film is also a component of Darker Gods. Davis has created short films, hybrids of music, video, narrative, and performance, that further elaborate on the story of The Darker Gods. 

Light Years

Light Years ft. Tonina

The video for the lead single from Damon Davis' album Darker Gods featuring Tonina.

Directed by Damon Davis.
Animated by Ryan Frank. LINK

A Creation Story

A Creation Story
A Creation Story is an interpretive dance about the creation of an alternate universe. At its essence, it is The Big Bang as we watch a Mother (the sun) create her children (the planets) from the void.

Directed by Damon Davis
Ceorography, Costumes, Props by Audrey Simes
Cinematography by Chris Renteria
Edited by Damon Davis

Sad Panther

Sad Panther
Sad Panther is the story of a God that awakens one day to find that his creation has become more powerful than himself. 

A film by Damon Davis

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